JFS focuses on helping people improve their lives and life prospects. JFS focuses on helping people improve their lives and life prospects.  
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Chief Executive Officer
Dory Zatuchni, LCSW

Board of Directors

Alan Horowitz, President

Deborah Komins Ross, 1st Vice President
Jordan Hullman,
2nd Vice President

Valerie Middlebrooks, Vice President/Finance
Benjamin Schwartz, Secretary




Marci Aerenson, Regina Kerr Alonzo,
Andye Daley, Joy Davis, Rabbi Brian Eng,

Samantha Jill Lukoff, Becky Rosen,
Daniel Rosenthal, Michael Silverman



  Dory Zatuchni, CEO, LCSW


Administrative Department

  Brenda Krammes, Director of Finance

  Sonja Hildebrand, Bookkeeper, Graphic Designer

  Penny Zappacosta, Administrative Assistant

  Marsha Atkison, Receptionist

  Tracey Deburnure, Insurance Billing Specialist
  Tekeiska Wilkerson, Insurance Billing Specialist
  Shamire Lee, Insurance Billing Specialist  


Business Development Department

  Monica Alvarez, Director of Marketing and Grants

Out-Patient Behavioral Health Department

  Mark Casagrande, LCSW, Director of Clinical Services


  Stephanie Barshay, LPCMH 
  Pam Bushnell, LCSW
  Denise Croney,

  Beth Donovan, LPCMH
  Dawn Edgar, MHC
  Janelle Evans, LPCMH
  Bonnie Mattingly, MSW

  James Monaghan, LCSW
  Kaylan Moore, LCSW
  Helene Rudnick, LCSW

  Malisa Shreve, LCSW

  Teresa Stebner, MHC


 *Saurabh Gupta, MD

  Family Crisis Therapists

Denise Croney, LPCMH  

   Stephanie Parisi, MSW





Care Management Department

TBA, Director of Care Management


B’nai B’rith House Resident Service Coordinator
Sandra Halasz Weiler, MHC

Care Manager
Blane Thompson, MEd
Émigré Case Manager
Jones Nhison Williams

Promoting Safe and Stable Families
Latasha Coley, Family Consultant
Cyndi Germack, Supervisor

Brandywine Village Network
Sarah Lafave, Care Manager/Nurse
Maggie Ratnayake, Volunteer Coordinator

                      Youth Development
Scott Michels, Director of Youth Development
Cyndi Germack, FutureNet Career Coach
Brahmin Jackson, Mentor & Care Manager

*Lisa Driban, Mitzvah Basket Coordinator

IT Support
*Kurt Martin, Technology Specialist
*Collin Martin Jr., Technology Specialist


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