Refugee Resettlement & Émigré Services

Helping refugees integrate into their new community

The Jewish community understands what it means to leave one’s home and settle in a foreign land. JFS has a long and meaningful history of aiding refugees and immigrants from around the world make a successful transition to self-sufficiency in the United States.

JFS is the state’s provider of Émigré Services.  We assist refugees as they settle in Delaware. Through intensive, culturally sensitive case management, our staff enables refugees to integrate into their new communities, obtain and retain employment, and maintain healthy lifestyles.

What services does JFS provide refugees?

Refugees are assigned to JFS by the state of Delaware.  In recent years, JFS has successfully resettled refugees from countries around the world including Haiti, Cuba, Burma, Cameroon, and Iraq.


Refugee clients are empowered to integrate into their new communities. We teach them to access and use public services such as transportation, police, and emergency medical services; enroll their children in schools; choose primary physicians; and obtain things like state identification, driver’s license, or library cards.


After reviewing refugee client’s education level, English language competence, and job skills, we assist with job readiness and English language classes, employment counseling, and job placement and retention.


We support and guide refugee clients through required medical screenings and vaccinations, and help them to access health care providers and treatment.

Social Services

We provide assistance in applying for low cost housing, enrollment in school, college, or training programs, medical and legal needs, citizenship applications, and accessing additional needed services.

Why does JFS continue to resettle refugees?

Jewish history and values guide our work. JFS has resettled immigrants since our founding in 1898 and are committed to serving refugees today. We are obligated to love and befriend the stranger because we were once strangers and to treat all of humanity with kindness and dignity. We deeply understand the human tragedy that occurs when nations and citizens turn a blind eye to those who are fleeing persecution, war, and terror.

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