More Ways to Give

There are many ways that you can give

JFS accepts and facilitates many different vehicles of giving, so you can choose the one that is best for you

Choose the giving option that is right for you

Contact Basha to learn more about how you can give a meaningful contribution to JFS and the community.

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Named Funds

Often established to honor families or the memory of a loved one, to commemorate a special occasion or to call attention to a cause close to one’s heart, JFS named funds are lasting tributes that provide critical services to the community – now and forever. We are most grateful to the families that have already established Named Funds.

  • The Barrett Family Fund for use where most needed
  • The Barbara and David Blumberg Family Fund for general use
  • The Michelle and Glenn Engelmann Family Fund for general use
  • The Grayson Family Fund for services for older adults
  • The Tanny Family Fund for general use
  • The Jan and Michael Weiss Fund for use where most needed
  • The Evelyn and Jacob Zatuchni Family Fund for general use


Mezuzah Funds

The Mezuzot that grace our doorposts serve as a precious declaration of our Jewish values and a symbol of G-d’s watchful care over JFS’s “home” and all those who seek our services.  By dedicating a mezuzah, you ensure that Delaware families are cared for in their time of need.

We gratefully acknowledge those who contributed to the Mezuzah Fund.

  • Irene and Gary Aber in honor of their children and grandchildren
  • Allan, Riki, Brent & Monika Applebaum
  • Ilene Diamond and Chuck Marcus
  • Marla & Eric Eskin
  • The Ettinger Family in memory of Hy Leder
  • Ruth Ann & Errol Ger in honor of their children Leora, Paul, and Dana
  • Alan & Stacy Horowitz
  • JFS Board of Directors 2005-2006
  • JFS Board of Directors 2010-2011
  • Honorable Travis and Becky Laster
  • Rick, Sue, Andrew and Jillian Levinson
  • Paula and Norman Pernick In honor of their parents Ruth & Roger Pernick
  • Rabbinical Association of Delaware 2005
  • Rabbi Beth Cohen’s Mussar Companions in honor of her Ordination
  • Orly and Bill Wallach

Gifts of Stock

Many JFS donors choose to make their gifts through appreciated stock. By choosing a stock gift, you gain the satisfaction of supporting people in need, while bypassing capital-gains taxes and receiving substantial income-tax deductions.

To conduct a stock transfer please contact Scott Feinman, RBC Wealth Management at (302) 993-8260.

Life Insurance Gifts

You may transfer ownership of a life insurance policy to Jewish Family Services or make JFS the beneficiary of the insurance policy. This type of gift is particularly popular with donors who have taken out “extra” life insurance policies that will not be needed and others who wish to make a large philanthropic gift to benefit JFS but cannot afford to make an outright gift.

It is not difficult to make a life-insurance gift. You simply complete a change of ownership/beneficiary form that can be supplied by your insurance company. A life-insurance gift has the following benefits:

  • You may have a superfluous policy and would like JFS to benefit.
  • You can make a larger philanthropic gift through life insurance than may be possible as an outright gift. Affordable premiums can produce a large death benefit.
  • You receive an income-tax deduction for the paid-up life insurance policy’s replacement value (the cost for obtaining an identical policy).

Real Estate Gifts

More and more businesses and individuals are realizing the benefits of donating real estate to JFS. This makes sense for several reasons, not the least of which is avoiding the expense of marketing the property. And it will certainly boost your company’s image in the community by sharing your good fortune with those who rely on JFS for support.

Donations of land can produce highly beneficial tax results. Many real estate holdings have appreciated greatly in recent years and may be subject to capital gains taxes if sold. Donation of real estate directly to JFS or through the use of a charitable remainder trust often minimizes these taxes and provides an income tax deduction.

So when you give a gift of your home or real property to JFS, you may claim an income tax charitable deduction based on the full market value of the gift, avoid capital gains taxes, and eliminate certain costs associated with the transfer of real property. Gifts of real estate can also provide income for you.

Because special IRS regulations apply to the contribution of real estate, such as substantiation of value through a “qualified appraisal” and depreciation recapture, it is important to obtain professional advice if you are thinking about donating real estate.