A New Model for JFS’s Volunteer Program

A New Model for JFS’s Volunteer Program

Introducing Sarah Hoover, JFS Volunteer Coordinator

JFS is pleased to introduce our new Volunteer Coordinator, Sarah Hoover.  In her new position, Sarah will build on the success of the Brandywine and Sussex Village Network volunteer programs and integrate volunteer opportunities across the agency.

“I am thrilled to be serving JFS, our dedicated volunteers and our clients,” Sarah says.

JFS’ method of volunteer engagement is unique.  We match volunteers to their interests and create opportunities for them to provide direct and indirect service.  Through the Brandywine and Sussex Village Networks, JFS volunteers come together with a shared sense of purpose to engage in meaningful service to support older adults.  Now, we are expanding the reach of our volunteers across our many programs.

With Sarah at the helm of our Volunteer Program, JFS will recruit, organize, engage, and support volunteers who are willing and interested in helping more JFS clients.  Sarah will be responsible for all volunteer communication and coordination.  Village volunteers will soon have more opportunities to help individuals, families, children, and Delaware’s immigrant and refugee population.

“I can now provide a menu of opportunities to people who express interest in a meaningful volunteer opportunity,” Sarah explains. “By creating volunteer options that span the agency and our varied client needs I can fulfill nearly any volunteer request.  I can help students find a one-time Mitzvah Project or place an individual that has 1-2 hours a week or a month to give.”

To give back and get involved as a JFS volunteer, contact Sarah at shoover@jfsdelaware.org.