Youth Advocacy

Helping young adults build a better future

Advocacy programs provide support, education, and purpose for at-risk youths

JFS is committed to helping at-risk youth acquire competencies while fostering the critical thinking and interpersonal skills that support healthy decision-making.


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Our Youth Advocacy Programs include…

Compassionate counselors offer support through life’s difficult challenges.

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Equip young adults with the skills and certifications needed to enter the workforce.

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Educate on problems and risks your group faces on an every day basis.

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Skill-building programs help change life trajectories

Our programs thread together prevention curricula, workforce training, and technology skill-building to provide a unique youth education program. We focus on four components that equip participants with the tools they need to change their life trajectories.

  • Youth Advocacy
  • Prevention Educations
  • Workforce Development (FutureNet)
  • Video Production Education (Media Matters)

Partnerships provide a new range of opportunities

Organizations like juvenile correction facilities, alternative schools, the Job Corps, and others partner with JFS to provide our programs to their groups.