Counseling & Case Management

Motivating and instilling new skills to improve lives

Cognitive restructuring, motivational interviewing, and life skills development

We provide services focused on overcoming barriers, increasing employability skills and promoting opportunities to live productive lives. We guide the youth in identifying, confronting and overcoming destructive behaviors.  And we teach them new skills needed to improve their lives.

Youth seek our assistance with many challenges, including:

  • Academic achievement (GED Programs, College and Trade Skill Certification enrollment)
  • Access to: Basic need, Benefits and Entitlement, Financial Assistance, Transportation, Vital Records (Driver’s License, Birth  Certificates)
  • Behavioral Health, Drug/Alcohol Concern, Family and Relationship issues
  • Education Referrals, Credentialing
  • Mentorship
  • Workforce Development, Career Counseling

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