Prevention Education

Educate at-risk groups about sensitive issues they face

Prevention Education Programs help change attitudes & lives of young adults

JFS’s Prevention Education Programs engage small groups of youth (ages 12-25) in discussions, activities, and projects that address risky or destructive behaviors in empathetic, authentic, and non-judgmental ways.

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Behind the scenes of a Prevention Education Program

PSAs Created By Students:

  • Keys to a Healthy Relationship
  • Substance Abuse Prevention
  • Tobacco Prevention
  • “Caring” Make Your Impact
  • Community Starts with Friendship
  • Don’t Let Labels Define You
Watch PSA Videos

Education program + hands-on video production project increases engagement

Prevention curricula is taught simultaneously with a video production project.

The program wraps with the creation of a Public Service Announcement that allows youth to promote positive messages to their peers.

PSAs are aired in local movie theaters or uploaded to social media, multiplying the impact of their message.

Program Details

Bring JFS’s Prevention Education Workshops to Your Program

To help the young adults in your school, organization, or youth group, contact Sophie, our Director of Youth & Family Support.

Call (302) 478-9411 x211 or email

This workshop has shown me how I can stay happy without hiding the sadness. I’ve learned that I can go to a friend, parent, counselor, or anybody so I can feel better.

— P.S. duPont Student

Professionally led programs help youth understand their options

Our Prevention Specialist employs person-centered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques to change participants’ attitudes and behaviors regarding substance abuse, sexual assault, and violence.

The program helps youth understand how their choices have impacted their lives and determine what actions they can take to better their future.

After creating the PSA’s…two youths have enrolled in employment services to create increased job opportunities for themselves and one has reenrolled back in college.

— Shanika Sanchez, West End Neighborhood House’s Healing Hearts

Program Details & Objectives

Workshop Details / Logistics

  • Two week program presented in one hour blocks.
  • Appropriate for ages 12-25
  • Group size is capped at 10 students
  • Content can be modified for age, emotional maturity, and motivation of the group
  • Workshops are presented at no cost to the host
  • Funded by the Delaware Department of Health and Human Services and Center for Disease Control


After successful completion of the Prevention Education workshops, youth participants will…

  • Increase their knowledge of topic such as dating, sexual violence, or substance abuse
  • Improve their resiliency against those behaviors and increase their ability to identify and reduce risk factors in the individual, family, school, peer group, neighborhood/community and society/media
  • Develop the communication and technological skills to share pro-social messages with their peer group in an appropriate and accessible video medium

The program’s course outline is guided by Safe Date Curriculum and Storytelling for Empowerment Curriculum; both evidence-based programs approved by the Center for Disease Control (CDC). The program is interactive and can be modified to suit students’ involvement and motivation.