JFS Delaware values equity, diversity and inclusion, which is reflected in everything we do and with whom we serve the community. From the services and programs offered to our advocacy in the community, JFS is here to help its clients and community thrive.  JFS and its people are determined to educate ourselves and will continue taking a stance on social justice and promoting the dignity, respect, and well-being of ALL people. 

  • Walking The Walk

    Transformative change starts within, which is where JFS’ Equity Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Committee comes in. This diverse team of staff members provides thoughtful direction and structure for the work we must do—support one another, educate ourselves, and dismantle racist and prejudiced practices, policies, beliefs, language, and behavior. Together, we will transform our agency culture and environment to one in which everyone feels safe, valued, and respected; through ongoing dialogue, education, collaboration, and action we will combat racial injustices in our offices and community.