The Erica Wright Advocacy Award

On May 7th, 2021, the North Wilmington community experienced a profound loss when Metastatic Breast Cancer took our brave, generous friend and fierce advocate, Erica Wright.

For those of who attended last year’s Virtual Annual Meeting, you may know you remember our remarkable guest, Erica Wright. Erica courageously shared her extraordinary story of weaving work, motherhood, and advocacy into her everyday life after receiving her cancer diagnosis. Erica was instrumental and inspiring to all of us at JFS and Cancer Care Connection when merging our two organizations. In addition to her service as a brave and relentless patient advocate, she invited JFS into her life — gifting us the opportunity to serve her and her family when they needed us most.

Erica’s friends and daughter, Isobel, at JFS Delaware’s 2021 Annual Meeting.

The Erica Wright Advocacy Award will be granted annually to recognize a woman in Delaware who has demonstrated exceptional courage, resilience, and leadership, often at great personal risk and sacrifice. Together, JFS and Erica’s family and friends will share the responsibility for reviewing nominations and selecting this award’s recipient each year. We are grateful to create this award to honor Erica’s legacy and, this year, JFS presents the first annual Erica Wright Advocacy Award to Erica Wright, in loving memory. Erica put forth relentless effort and determination to spread awareness, fight for more research dollars spent specifically on Metastatic Breast Cancer, and create better outcomes for future Metastatic Breast Cancer patients, all while maintaining her own health, marriage, and motherhood.

We humbly presented this award (a music box) to her husband, Joe Wright, and her daughter, Isobel Wright on June 17, 2021 with friends and family as witness.