Getting Help from Home

Teletherapy Opens Doors Without You Having to Walk Through Ours

Written By: Madeline Driban, Marketing & Communications Specialist

In our increasingly digital world, innovation is rapidly changing our day-to-day lives and we’re constantly finding new ways to connect. Therapeutic counseling is yet another field entering this digital space, helping more people access the support they need.

After 120 years of in-person care – in our offices, clients’ homes, schools and community spaces – JFS Delaware made this transition in less than a week in order to provide our counseling and case management services remotely. Organizations need to evolve quickly to remain relevant and efficiently meet the needs of constituents; it is crucial, especially when unexpected circumstances arise, to be equipped and prepared to carry on and deliver essential services. JFS is adapting to necessary changes, learning the newest technologies, building resilience as a team, and transferring important skills to the digital landscape.

With a push from unforeseen circumstances, JFS has expanded and grown our capacity to serve our community when we are needed most; our teams are learning and mastering the secure virtual platforms needed to continue our counseling, case management, and support services.

Although we are new to this modality, teletherapy has been around since the 1990’s and has been found equally effective as in person therapy treatment. Here are some of teletherapy’s most notable benefits for those seeking support:


Time is, perhaps, our most valuable resource. As such, commutes can be frustrating and stressful, especially for those already prone to anxiety. The last thing you should worry about is another place to be, finding the right building, waiting in a lobby, or racing not to miss any time with your therapist. With a lower barrier to entry, teletherapy eliminates the stress and frustration of travel, waitlists, and waiting rooms and gives you the time and space to accomplish so much more in your day between other appointments, meetings, chores, and activities – not to mention the benefits of staying in the safety of your home (avoiding traffic, accidents, and parking tickets) and reducing your carbon footprint. When sessions begin at the click of a button, you can make every minute count.

Accessibility & Privacy

As part of JFS’ mission and values, we serve everyone; especially in times of increased need and anxiety, it is our responsibility to do what we can for vulnerable or at-risk individuals and families. For those living with a disability or illness, living in rural or more remote communities, lacking reliable transportation or childcare, fearful of the stigma of therapy and mental health, or those who are just unsure about trying therapy for the first time, teletherapy removes many of the obstacles – physical, emotional, or otherwise – towards seeking and receiving help.

Teletherapy can relieve many of these concerns and maximize privacy; you can be in the comfort of your own home with your cozy blanket, your special mug, a pet in your lap – all the things that make you feel at ease. What better way to experience therapy and open up than in your own safe space?


Teletherapy also allows for maximal flexibility for overworked or overcommitted clients. It’s easy to put off attending therapy when sessions are offered during limited office hours, while many people are at work or school; for many people who already have a lot of commitments to juggle, seeking out this form of therapeutic support can easily be bumped down the priority list. When a therapist is more easily available, has unique hours, or has the ability to schedule short-notice check-ins, it offers greater flexibility and encourages more people to seek the right support when they need it most.

Teletherapy is the mental health treatment of the future. Efficient, accessible, and flexible to each person’s needs, it’s not difficult to understand the benefits of choosing this method of care; in fact, research is overwhelmingly in favor of this mode of counseling. Individualizing treatment approach is an important part of the therapeutic process – one which JFS therapists and case managers have always prioritized – and telehealth is perfectly suited to adapt to each person’s unique needs. Whether as a regular part of long-term self-care or in response to acute, difficult circumstances, the availability and power of teletherapy is not something to be overlooked or underestimated.


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