JFS Delaware Merges with Cancer Care Connection

Providing Psycho-Social Support Services for Delaware’s Cancer Patients

Starting July 1, 2020, Jewish Family Services (JFS) will be merging with another Delaware non-profit, Cancer Care Connection; specifically, Cancer Care Connection (CCC) will be combined into JFS. With this mutually-beneficial partnership, JFS will increase community awareness of CCC and ensure the continuation of its important work, while CCC fills a gap in JFS’ current services by providing their oncology-specific, psycho-social expertise.

For a transitional period and until her retirement, CCC’s Executive Director, Janet Teixeira, will join JFS’ executive leadership team to ensure a seamless integration of the organizations and maintain the day-to-day operations of Cancer Care Connection, which will retain its independent identity and brand.

“We are thrilled to become part of the JFS family on so many levels,” said Teixeira. “It assures the future of Cancer Care Connection, helps us reach more people, and expands the way both organizations help our clients. Sharing our commitment to provide high quality, meaningful services, JFS is the ideal partner and home for us.”

Having assessed the organizational, philosophical, and cultural fit of each organization with the other, the complementary nature of CCC and JFS services affords opportunities to strengthen, expand, and—in the long term—create new programs to better serve their joined client base and grow a service that is desperately needed in the region. Recent cancer statistics show that Delaware has the second highest cancer incidence—and Pennsylvania is close behind at third highest—despite all ongoing efforts to reduce the rate of cancer; additionally, Delaware ranks 15th highest in cancer mortality, followed by Pennsylvania at 16th highest. These statistics indicate that there are many individuals in the region who could benefit from oncology-specific support services.

“This level of specialty and efficiency can change the entire trajectory for a cancer patient and their family.”

“The idea that JFS, now with Cancer Care Connection, can become a one-stop-shop for cancer patients and their families in our community makes my heart soar,” says Erica Griffiths, a Delaware mom with Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC), whose daughter currently receives therapeutic support from JFS. “This level of specialty and efficiency can change the entire trajectory for a cancer patient and their family.”

For JFS, this partnership is a natural extension of the agency’s mission to provide counseling and support services to vulnerable individuals and families to navigate life’s challenges.

“We are always thinking creatively and strategically about how to strengthen our services and broaden our reach to best serve our community,” shared Basha Silverman, CEO of Jewish Family Services. “With CCC’s shared commitment to creating an effective and impactful response to the emotional needs of those we serve, together we can really make a bigger, bolder difference for individuals and families who need our specialized support services.  We are grateful to partner with Cancer Care Connection to make this possible.”


About Cancer Care Connection:

Cancer Care Connection (CCC) helps people affected by cancer to navigate the full range of the issues they face, make informed decisions, and take action on their own behalf. CCC’s Oncology Social Workers help cancer patients and their caring circle to reduce any cancer-related distress. CCC’s staff provides coping assistance, counseling services, and guidance to find resources and information needed to overcome obstacles and obtain the best possible outcome.
Learn more about Cancer Care Connection at www.cancercareconnection.org

JFS made the official announcement of the merger at our Annual Meeting on June 11, 2020.
View the event and announcement in the video below!