JFS Presents Erica Wright Advocacy Award to Representative Debra Heffernan and Senator Sarah McBride

WILMINGTON, De. (Nov. 11, 2022) – Jewish Family Services of Delaware (JFS) presented the Erica Wright Advocacy Award to Representative Debra Heffernan (D) and Senator Sarah McBride (D) on Thursday, November 10.

The Erica Wright Advocacy Award is granted annually to recognize a woman or women in Delaware who have demonstrated exceptional courage, resilience, and leadership, often at great personal risk and sacrifice. Together, JFS and Erica’s family and friends share the responsibility for reviewing nominations and selecting this award’s recipient each year.

Representative Heffernan and Senator McBride were chosen for their dedication and advocacy of the Healthy Delaware Families Act. This legislation ensures that Delawareans have access to paid time off when they need to care for themselves or their loved ones.

Erica Wright knew first-hand what it was like to battle a serious medical condition while also being a mother, wife, and colleague. She also saw up close what others in her breast cancer groups faced without paid leave or support. The Healthy Delaware Families act will not only help future women like Erica, but also future caregivers.

JFS presented the first annual Erica Wright Advocacy Award last year to Erica Wright, in loving memory. On May 7, 2021, the North Wilmington community experienced a profound loss when Metastatic Breast Cancer took our brave, generous friend and fierce advocate. Erica was instrumental and inspiring to all of us at JFS and Cancer Care Connection when merging our two organizations.