“JFS Strong” (a poem)

Every Friday morning since we began working from home, before starting our work day, JFS staff have gathered for zoom ‘huddles.’ This isn’t a time and space for any work agenda but, rather, to check in, celebrate, and share with each other.

This morning, January 22, 2021, a longstanding member of the JFS team, and the familiar, kind face so many colleagues, clients, and community members were used to seeing upon entering our Wilmington office before the pandemic, shared a poem celebrating our strength, progress, and teamwork during this difficult time.

Marsha Atkison, M.Ed., Wilmington Receptionist

I have been with JFS for 23 years in several different capacities including part- and full-time positions. For the past 10 years I have proudly worked the reception desk which is my passion and niche.

JFS is a place of CARING. Our hearts and souls are wrapped around those we desire to help. As a staff, we are a compassionate team of “people-people”. I think of my JFS colleagues as a FAMILY.

I penned the following while reflecting on this past year, especially related to the ways JFS has responded to the COVID crisis:


JFS Strong

T’was a day in mid-March when we all learned our fate,
The office would be closing, not a moment too late.
Sanitizing work-stations would not be enough,
We were going to work from home,
We could do it—We’re tough!
With Insync becoming such a part of our days,
We learned from each other
And navigated through the maze.
Zooming became second nature, it’s true,
Just call on IT and they’ll help get you through.
Counseling, Psychiatry, PSSF, billing
We’re making it work,

We just have to be willing.
COMPASS and marketing, Healing Hearts too—
COVID won’t stop us,
We have work to do.
We’ve pulled closer together,
We’ve kept up the pace,
We’ve overcome obstacles,
We’re running the race.
Compassion and kindness,
Teamwork and caring,
Putting clients first,
To the world…may sound daring—
We really do care,
Our community needs us,
We have so much to share.


References made in the poem:

  • Insync: JFS’ new electronic patient portal
  • Counseling & Psychiatry: JFS provides mental health support to individuals, couples, youth, families, and the community; we also provide a variety of support groups. You can get started on your own therapy journey with JFS today by submitting an online intake form.
  • PSSF: Promoting Safe & Stable Families program, helping parents, caretakers, and/or foster parents with children under 18 years of age identify their support systems and develop action plans to meet their goals and regain family stability.
  • COMPASS: JFS’ dementia care and caregiver support program, provided by an interdisciplinary team of professionals, led by a Geriatrician.
  • Healing Hearts: a six-hour, certified co-parenting seminar for divorcing parents, focusing on family transitions, child development, and navigating the emotions that come with change.