Specialized care for pregnant and postpartum people

The Sonia Schorr Sloan Maternal Mental Health Program is a community-based, outpatient program which provides effective, evidence-based psychotherapy and maternal behavioral health care for people who experience pregnancy loss and/or perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs). Such support and education will help ensure you gain and strengthen the coping skills to move forward, successfully recover, and care for yourself and your family.

Join our Mom’s Space weekly support group led by clinicians with specialty training (PSI trained). Mom’s Space is a safe space for women and birthing people to connect, share, and ask questions. We provide education about various topics pertaining to maternal mental health and facilitate access to additional support and wellness services. Individual therapy sessions are also available. 

  • Accessibility to High-Quality Care and Resources

    JFS believes all women and pregnant people—regardless of background, income, or health insurance status—should receive the life-changing benefit of peri- and post-natal treatment. The Sonia Schorr Sloan Maternal Mental Health Program will accept nearly all private and public insurance plans, as well as serve those unable to pay.

Namesake: Sonia Schorr Sloan

JFS Delaware is honored this program, empowering and supporting women, will carry Sonia Schorr Sloan’s name and legacy. Sonia Schorr Sloan was an iconic Delawarean who passed away in 2019. She was a civil rights activist, Democratic party strategist, and non-profit fundraiser; she was a fierce advocate for juvenile justice, women’s rights, and other causes.