Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Caring for your mental health is extremely important to maintain emotional, psychological, social, and physical well-being. We asked some of our mental health care professionals why caring for our mental health is so important and why they decided to enter the mental health profession.

Michael, LPCMH, CADC | Director of Clinical Services

“Growing up, I suffered from acute anxiety, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and depression. Things got really rough around the time I graduated high school. Due to these conditions, I was unable to leave my home for approximately two years. I was in a very dark place. Around this time, I promised myself that if I ever got to a place of healing, I would do everything in my power to help others heal.

After much encouragement, I finally listened to my family and sought help through therapy. Over time I began to heal. The anxiety lessened. My mood improved. I was leaving my home and interacting with others. At my last session with my therapist, he said, “Now it is your turn to help others.” I smiled and said, “My thoughts exactly.” This exchange has always been my compass. It has been an interesting journey. I’m blessed to be able to walk this path. Every day is a testament to healing and the power of human connection.”

Julie, LPCMH, CADC | Director of Clinical Services

“From ages 11-22 years old, I had been a mentor in various programs throughout my education. Being a mentor gradually led me to the path of becoming a mental health therapist. Mentoring can be life-changing to a young person and can be the only factor that helps them reach resiliency and overcome difficult challenges.

As a child and adolescent therapist, I feel that I can mentor and provide coping skills and trauma therapy in a way that connects my passion for supporting others and giving back to my community.”



                                                                                            Tiffany, BA | Family Crisis Therapist

“I decided to become a mental professional because I have realized the significant impact of mental health on society and the happiness that can be truly stolen from someone’s life. Mental health is important to general wellness. Mental health struggles are prevalent in young children and are usually never addressed. This leads to an adult who has gone years without addressing their mental health. I want to break that cycle and address mental health early on to give children a fair chance at life and becoming successful mentally.

Often times, students come to school with the troubles of life on their minds. They are expected to sit and learn but have no outlets to address their feelings and circumstances. I want to help children grow in all areas of development and work through their social and emotional concerns. The reward of working in this profession would be seeing some of the children I have worked with become very successful both mentally and professionally in the near future.”

Jordan, LMSW | Therapist, Fellowship Program

“As a young adult, I started to see the cost – in my life and the lives of others – of neglecting mental health. People were struggling all around me, and as I started to rebuild my own life, I decided to make addressing mental health the focus of my career so that I could help people who had struggled like I had. As I progressed through many, many years of school, my reasons shifted a little. I learned that I cannot actually “fix” or “save” anyone, but I can be there to support them, care for them, and give them tools to survive whatever storm that they are going through.

So, now I find myself staying in the mental health field so that I can help others learn how to feel their feelings, realize that they are enough and loved the way they are, and persist through whatever challenges life has sent their way to build a life that they want to live.”


Moon, M.S., NCC | Therapist, Fellowship Program

“In seeking to better understand myself, I knew I had gained tools to be able to create spaces and aid others in their own journeys. Sharing is caring!”








Susan, LPCMH | Therapist

“I was inspired to join the mental health profession through the teaching profession, working with children and adolescents from families with different dynamics that were detrimental to children’s development.”








Padmaja, LPCMH | Outpatient Therapist

“I wanted to enter the mental health profession to promote healing on an individual and systemic level.”








Caring for your mental health is extremely important to maintain emotional, psychological, social, and physical well-being. Click here for more information about our mental health services.