Angela’s Story

Angela has been utilizing JFS counseling services for five years and feels that it is essential to her well-being.

Why did you begin counseling with JFS? 

“I was involved in a relationship with an addict. We were engaged. And because I’ve never done drugs and am not familiar with it, it went on for years with me not realizing it. Because both my parents are alcoholics, I know what an enabler is. It was very difficult to navigate. I had my daughter living with me, my son was angry with me that I stayed in the relationship. Just keeping that person alive was very traumatic to me, and to my kids as well.”  

What improvements have you seen since starting counseling? 

“I sleep better at night. I’ve been working with Mike and he’s such a great counselor, very professional. As a mother I second-guess myself all the time, and I’m always looking to improve. I need Mike’s help to guide me. He’s never forceful in suggestions; he has resources that are helpful. At this point, he’s like talking to my best friend. So, it’s imperative for me to continue to grow in a positive direction.”

Would you recommend that others seek out counseling?  

“Absolutely. Come into with an open mind. Everybody should check in with a professional once and a while. Most people second-guess themselves, and it’s nice to have a professional to help you navigate through trying times. When I was a teenager, something very traumatic happened to me, and I was required to go to counseling. My father saw it as a weakness and didn’t want to get involved. I was still at the age where I was challenging my parents on their beliefs. I wasn’t intending to hurt anyone; I just had to expand my growth and knew counseling was the only thing I could do to get help. So, I was raised that counseling was not good. I think a lot of people have the misconception about counseling that someone is going to tell you that you’re all wrong and this is how you have to do it better. I’ve never had that situation with counseling at JFS, which is validating and important. I’m a huge advocate for counseling.” 

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