Telling the Refugee Story at Your Passover Seder

Opening our Doors; Opening our Hearts

Passover Haggadah Supplement for the Refugee Story

At the Passover Seder, we gather to tell the story of a People, afflicted with insecurity, wandering in search of safety.

The Jewish community knows what it means to be forced from our homes by violence or persecution.  We know what it feels like to seek a place where we can raise our families in freedom and safety.  We are a refugee people.

As we step into our own Jewish history, and retell the story of our people’s search for freedom, we cannot help but think of the 65 million displaced people and refugees in the world today.  JFS’s Passover Haggadah Supplement reminds us that all those who seek refuge from war, violence, and persecution are a part of our story.

Download JFS’s 2017 Haggadah Supplement for your Passover Seder to connect our Jewish story with that of today’s refugees.

Instructions: Print out Haggadah Supplement double sided. Fold along the gray score lines so the narrow panels titled “Opening our Doors” and “Opening our Hearts” touch across the center.