Dr. Angelica Montalvo Santiago is dedicated to working with children, youth, adults, and families who are going through changes, challenges, loss, doubt, stress, and wondering if consulting a professional in the mental health field may be helpful. Clients who work with her often seek help for their children, in terms of behavior, school difficulties, peer interactions, self-esteem, and emotional problems, among other concerns; adults who are interested in her psychotherapy services may be struggling with anxiety, depression, and difficulties in their relationships with peers, family, and/or partners; others may just feel the need to speak with someone who can help them figure out why they don’t feel like their normal self anymore or why it seems like things are not working out like they used to. Dr. Montalvo’s goal is to accompany everyone in the process of taking baby steps, if needed, or larger steps to get to where they want to be and feel good about who they are.

Her motto is: “Being in therapy is not an easy task, as it takes self-determination, courage, and being open to feeling vulnerable, but the good news is that you don’t have to feel alone in this process because we are in it together.”

Dr. Montalvo earned a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Ponce Health Sciences University, in Puerto Rico. Her training focused on evidence-based practices that emphasized patient-centered care. She has specialized training in pediatrics, integrated care, and family dynamics. As part of her pediatric background, Dr. Montalvo has vast experience working with young clients in identifying developmental, academic, and behavior problems and making recommendations for parents, schools, and IEP/504 Plan Teams. Her passion for integrated care comes from a place of recognizing the connection between mind and body. She has worked with clients adapting to health-related issues (Diabetes, Asthma, Cancer, HIV, chronic pain), as well as working with women who are managing post-partum depression and navigating parenthood. She also recognizes the need for increased attention to men’s mental health. In addition, over her years of experience working with individuals and families, she has discovered a passion for working with families looking to overcome trauma, transitions, and generational patterns.

Dr. Montalvo is fully bilingual (English & Spanish). She has obtained training in cultural competency and cultural humility and is looking forward to continued growth and learning, in working with a diverse community in Delaware.

Her hobbies include Latin dancing, cooking, hiking, and karaoke.

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