Tiffany B. | BA

Family Crisis Therapist

Tiffany is a school-based Family Crisis Therapist for Jewish Family Services, responsible for the Early Intervention program at Shortlidge Academy. Her passion is working in urban communities and helping students find and pursue opportunities and experiences as part of their growth and development.

Originally from Baltimore, Tiffany graduated from HBCU Coppin State University with her BA in Early Childhood Human Development; she is currently pursuing her Masters in School Psychology from Eastern University.

Tiffany believes travel can open our hearts and our minds—learning about diverse cultures helps us to learn how to meet people where they are. Passionate about trying new things and traveling herself, Tiffany has traveled to fifteen different states and been out of the country once. She is looking forward to more global travel as the world opens again.

Fun Fact: Tiffany met Dr. Marin Luther King’s son, Martin Luther King III, in 5th grade at a news station in Baltimore.