JFS RISE Featured in Delaware Journal of Public Health

JFS’ Refugee Integration Support Effort (RISE) was featured in the July 2018 issue of the Delaware Journal of Public Health (pages 34-37). Authored by RISE Program Coordinator, Lourena Gboeah, the article includes the history of JFS, information on the current refugee crisis, details of JFS’ resettlement program and the processes required, and examples of our successful community partnerships that make this important work possible.

JFS has been working with refugee and immigrant populations – regardless of race or religion – since our founding. A refugee is defined as someone who has fled from his or her home country and cannot return because he or she has a well-founded fear of persecution based on religion, race, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group. JFS has historical experience responding to international refugee crises; during the last major refugee crisis in the late 1980s, JFS was instrumental in resettling hundreds of families in Delaware from the former Soviet Union. Since 1997, JFS Delaware has been providing émigré services for refugees who have already arrived in the state and recently re-launched active refugee resettlement in 2016, at which time JFS became the only resettlement agency in the state.

JFS RISE staff members provide transition services and case management to help families resettle, while volunteers assist with tasks such as creating resource packets for local landlords and employers, sourcing furniture for apartments, and providing vital transportation. JFS works with over 300 volunteers through a coalition comprised of 30 faith-based and local community organizations; seven healthcare and dental providers; and four landlords. With the help of these irreplaceable partners, RISE finds the resources and support to house, host activities, offer educational opportunities including ESL classes and job training, secure medical services, and provide community integration efforts and cultural orientation to the newly arrived families. All of this ensures that the refugees feel welcome and secure in their new homes.

As the only resettlement agency in the state of Delaware, JFS continues to seek the support of community residents, business owners, property owners, and healthcare providers to strengthen our collaboration and ensure that we have the necessary resources for newly arrived families to settle safely and comfortably to become integrated members of our community.


See the featured article on pages 34-37 of the Delaware Journal of Public Health’s July 2018 Issue.
See also, highlights from JFS RISE receiving the Public Heath Recognition from the Delaware Public Health Association. The article about the awards ceremony begins on page 26, with featured photos of JFS on page 30, of the same July 2018 Issue.