Volunteer Spotlight: Ruth

We here at JFS Delaware would not be able to fulfill our mission to strengthen individuals, families, and the community without the help of our incredible volunteers. One of those amazing volunteers is Ruth. Let’s get to know Ruth!

Why did you decide to volunteer for JFS?

“During a gathering of the Jewish Community Group where I live, we were asked if anyone would be interested in volunteering through JFS, to serve as an English Language tutor for Ukrainian refugees. Having had a career in education, I felt that I might be a good fit for this. Coupled with that feeling, I also had been thinking about what else I might do to help the people of Ukraine, in some way.”

What is the best part of volunteering?

“The best part of this volunteering experience are the tutoring sessions each week with my learner! She is a joy to work with, and I am inspired with each session by her high level of motivation and commitment to learning English as rapidly as possible, her pleasantness, sense of humor, and her fortitude!! I cannot fully even imagine what she and other Ukrainian refugees have endured, and the challenges they face adjusting to life in a new country, learning the language, while carrying with them thoughts and connections with loved ones still in Ukraine.”

Would you recommend volunteering for JFS? Why?

“I would highly recommend to anyone who thinks they might be a good fit for this tutoring project, to seriously look into it. From what I understand, there is a great need for more tutors. The rewards on a personal level for the tutor can be immense, knowing that you are helping out in this effort and getting to connect and learn from a person from Ukraine…. a definite “two way street”! I would add that, for me, the work is stimulating and challenging in a very interesting way! The support from Vlad from JFS has been great, as is the support from the staff at Literacy Delaware who train and partner in this program. Questions have been answered in a timely manner, tutoring materials are supplied, and I never feel like I am “out there on my own”. Also, my learner and I have opted to do our tutoring sessions virtually, and I am able to receive ongoing technical support from a very knowledgeable and patient volunteer from Literacy Delaware! More good news is that you do not have to have a teaching background to become a tutor for this program!”

What is one fun fact about you?

“A “fun fact” about me….hmm…people seem shocked when it comes up that….I was at Woodstock!”

If you could go anywhere in the world for your next vacation, where would you go? Why?

“I do a bit of watercolor painting. Some years ago I received a photo-journal gift and was inspired to visit the Tuscany area of Italy, and try my hand at painting some of its gorgeous landscape scenes.”

When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?

“A teacher, and thankfully that turned out to be my career!”

What is one food you could eat every day?


What is the last show you binged?

“I am not much of a TV watcher, but I am hooked on Heartland on Netflix! I enjoy the many characters, the natural beauty of the landscape, the family struggles and dedication to each other, and have even gained a new appreciation of horses!”

What is the best book you ever read?

“It’s too hard for me to pick a favorite…. but I am fascinated by a book I am currently reading entitled, The Jewish Quarter of Philadelphia: A History and Guide 1881-1930, by an area author, Harry D. Boonin. It gives me some insights into what my family’s experience was in settling in Philadelphia during those years as refugees.”

What are you most thankful for you in your life right now?

“My good health, my loved ones and friends, my diverse hobbies and interest areas, and G-d’s gift of each new day with its many blessings!”


Our work is made possible by dedicated volunteers like YOU! Volunteers supplement the professional, clinical care provided by JFS by fostering a sense of community, building relationships, and extending your skills and kindness to older adults, refugees, and other clients of JFS. Click here to apply to be a volunteer for JFS.

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